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Dive into the Query Optimizer: Undocumented Insight

  • In-Person @ 110 Westwood Plaza Los Angeles, California, United States (map)
  • 18:30 - 21:30 UTC
  • Language: English

Dive into the Query Optimizer: Undocumented Insight

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Dive into the Query Optimizer: Undocumented Insight

Benjamin Nevarez

This 400 level session will focus on using undocumented statements and trace flags to get insight into how the query optimizer works. You'll learn which operations the optimizer performs during query optimization and see through these undocumented features what the query optimizer does from the moment a query is submitted to SQL Server until an execution plan is generated. We'll cover operations such as parsing, binding, simplification, trivial plan, and full optimization. We'll also explore transformation rules, the memo structure, how the query optimizer generates possible alternative execution plans, and how the best alternative is chosen based on those costs.

About Benjamin:
Benjamin Nevarez is a SQL Server MVP and independent consultant based in Los Angeles, California who specializes in SQL Server query tuning and optimization. He is the author of “SQL Server 2014 Query Tuning & Optimization”, “Inside the SQL Server Query Optimizer” and has contributed to other SQL Server books including “SQL Server 2012 Internals”. Benjamin has also been a speaker at many SQL Server conferences, including the PASS Summit, SQL Server Connections and SQLBits.

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